“I need a logo, where do I start?!”

The biggest and most daunting start to a new business is creating yourself a visual identity, or having someone else create it for you.

It is a BIG thing to decide on your first logo design. It feels permanent and it is what every customer is going to see and judge you on before they even meet you. Have I made it sound scary enough?
So, the question on everyone’s lips… “Where do I start?”
If you are designing the logo yourself, here are a few key questions I use on my online briefing sheet to help me gain an understanding of a new client, their personality and core values:

1. What do you do?What is your company name and your core philosophies? Any details like these can help to build a lovely little picture of what your company is about and how best a logo can represent you visually. There is a difference between a Sweet Shop and a Chocolate shop, the same as there is a difference between recycled cardboard or 3 layers of plastic film. It may be the product you sell that defines what you need to show any potential customers, or it may be your values or your product aesthetics.

2. Where will you use your logo?This can help you decide whether you want all the bells and whistles or just keep it simple. For example if you want a logo that can be embroidered on a t-shirt you might want to navigate away from small intricate illustration in 15 different colours and consider a simple logo in one or two colours. Something that will represent you but stand out.

3. Who or what inspires you?This isn’t so that you can have a carbon copy of their logo or completely mimic their brand, it is to understand what drives you forward, what makes you tick and what gives you the sparkle that made you start on your business journey. Colours are also a helpful addition. Colours that you are passionate about can be integrated into a design as a real personal element. I am not really a green fan. It does not shout ‘Illustrator’ or ‘Graphic Designer’ to me personally, probably because I have seen far too much of that colour residing in the noses of my children…however, present me with orange or purple and you’ll get a different response.

4. Last but not least…. Draw something.Yes…DRAW. Everyone can do it. A shape, a line, squiggles, dots. If you want to sketch out your logo before generating something in a generic online tool, do it. Draw your favourite shape, a person, anything that comes from the heart. If you love the structure of a triangle or square then I am less likely to give you a logo that is laid across in a line.

There you have it folks. My personal recommendation of how to start the logo design journey!

If you have any more questions or would like to see some examples of my work feel free to drop me an email or visit my website.

The First Post…

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”. Franklin D. Roosevelt had some wise words to offer, particularly relevant I think, when it comes to the world of self-employment!

So I umm-ed and ahh-ed for quite a while about setting up a blog.
I don’t normally consider myself as particularly interesting or having much to say.. (but I can give a good rant about some subjects.. let’s avoid that shall we!)
After some thought, I realised, I do have a good knowledge base that can help others with design queries. I’m a little, local, small business based in Tonbridge, Kent and I do have some knowledge and potentially helpful advice to share. I’m always open to suggestions if there are things you want to know how to do!
I honestly believe though, that anyone can ‘create’ beautiful things, you don’t have to be a designer to know how to represent yourself or what you stand for. <3