Smell the flowers!

I’ve taken a few weeks away from the constant pressures of social media and Instagram.
I have been busy with clients and trying to fit in extra work every evening after the children’s bedtime
as well as juggling the lack of childcare over Easter holidays.
Frankly, it’s all too much.

The lovely Silke at Nourish to Thrive (great follow for working mums who need a little balance) 
posted along the same lines recently, “Space and Grace”.
It made me think, maybe I am missing out on things with my family when I’m just trying too hard to juggle business marketing with a really big workload? It’s madness. It’s also the curse of the self-employed.

How can we beat it?!
Time to re-evaluate your priorities.
What do you love doing? Do it more.
Are you really producing the best work on 5 hours sleep? If you are… hats off to you,
if not, a few early nights might be a wise move.
Do you need a little bit more connection with your family instead of panicking about the Instagram post that you had scheduled but haven’t got round to posting? Time to log-off and go out. Get some fresh air and reconnect with something/someone other than your phone/tablet/computer screen.

In the world of the self-employed we all know sometimes there is no work and sometimes there is too much (!). The knowledge that there will be some scary periods when the bank balance gets a little low, and your children decide to coincide it with a huge growth spurt, really piles on the guilt to accept everything and continue plugging on social media (regardless of whether you’ve have 3 hours sleep or 8…).

GUILT. Just let it go. You will only give your best work if you are calm and rested. The social media marketing can wait.
If your followers like your content, they will hang around between posts.
Restore a little balance… Just stop and smell the flowers.

Just to say… THANK YOU

*WARNING* Part Mummy Rant. Incredibly dull post, but an eye-opener.
Something which showed me the importance of being human and the harsh reality of being a Mum as well as a little, local, self-employed Graphic Designer.

January started out as a very quiet month after a very quiet December. February, however, I have been inundated! Part yay, part eeek. There have been some very long days/nights to get all of the design work done. Anyway, it is VERY exciting, a wonderful new set of projects to get my teeth stuck into and a great variety of briefs. I’m making great progress and keeping the house fairly organised as well until… My littlest person ended up with a trip to hospital for some steroids and a nebuliser. 3.5hrs Overnight. Yes I know it’s a relatively small thing and all turned out absolutely fine but aside mild parental panic there was no sleep for us until 3am. Both mini G’s decided it was time to get up at some ridiculous time (before the GroClock Sun comes out) and I’m left barely functioning for the remainder of Friday with a long to do list and a load of emails.

Amongst what can only be described as chaos, the metaphorical sunshine starts to break through the cloud. I endeavour to be as prompt as possible when responding to client queries, even around family life (maybe I’m a bad Mum for that?!) but I was going to have to suck up the judgement of delayed, short, barely coherent written words. Honesty really was the only way forward.
I apologetically confessed the aftermath of our night-time hospital adventures and waited for the cold silence in my inbox. It never came. Instead I received the most amazing replies of understanding and solidarity. I am first and foremost a Mum and they completely understood what that means. THANK YOU.

It’s ok to be human, it’s ok to be honest. We seem to spend so much time trying to present a business that is representative of us, sometimes we forget, being a parent is actually part of that. People want to connect, they don’t mind the reality of life (sparing any real detail of course) they just want to communicate with a real person.